What i have learned during breastfeeding

I want to say BRAVO to those who managed to breastfeed, for as long as that was. BRAVO and to those who didn’t or didn’t choose it, because all that matters is to be with your baby, give your love and affection generously, listen to his needs and satisfy them as much as you can.

When I became pregnant I had countless anxieties … the only thing I didn’t worry about was breastfeeding. I considered it an ” easy thing” and i was completely sure i would succeed because it was the natural path. No one around me had me prepared for what I’d come across and no other woman had shared her personal hard times. Do you know why? Now I understand … Because every difficulty is forgotten, when that magical moment comes, when mother and baby become one with breastfeeding. This warm energy flow and love transfusion makes you forget about the failed attempts of baby gripping the nipple, the frustration you feel when he is denying your breasts, the pains, the insomnia, etc. As it is said, no matter how hard is to give birth, when you get your baby in your arms every difficulty is forgotten as if by magic, that happens also to breastfeeding, when this delicate balance is found between mother and baby, so that they are both happy and satisfied, all difficulties are as if they had never been.

Lets take the story from the start, in the maternity hospital , my baby was born 38 weeks with cesarean section, I don’t know if that fact made a difference, (it probably did ..) but he didn’t seem to have appetite for the first 24 hours. I was so happy and tired of the surgery and I did not insist as much as I should.

MISTAKE # 1 baby needs to breastfeed as often as possible!! It is said every 2 -3 hours but even every 1 hour is better because it will “train” itself in mammalian movements to catch the nipple and milk will flow more easily. So after not eating well for the first 24 hours, next day jaundice came … my baby started to get yellow and was constantly sleepy.

MISTAKE 2 # Panic came! Worst consultant … Do I have enough milk? Is it ok for him? Why does not he eat? Should I give him formula milk? Milk will definitely come (unless there is a medical issue) in the third 24 hours. The only thing that needs to be done is with the help of an experienced midwife to breastfeed as often as possible!! But what if something goes wrong with milk production?

MISTAKE # 3: don’t wait!! Request a breast pump. It will increase milk production and your baby will be better fed so that jaundice will not increase, myconium will clean faster and weight will be gained. The third 24 hours there was overproduction of milk, massages and warm compresses were very much needed. Because our baby had high jaundice and had already lost 10% of his weight, he was getting near to hypoglycemia. So we had to take fast a decision whether to give him formula milk, my husband and I made a choice to continue breastfeeding.

In the fourth 24 hours with the use of a breast pump, our baby started to take a few grams and told us that we could take him home with the recommendation for frequent feeding and regular checkups by a pediatrician.We were instructed by the maternity hospital to give breast milk with a syringe rather than a bottle so that our baby would not have nipple confusion. I struggled and tried it with the warm support of my husband in the first days, but the result was not satisfactory so we ended up using a baby bottle. For the next 3 months i completely became one with the breast pump and sterilizer throughout the day and i continued trying (not always successfully) to breastfeed overnight. Slowly we managed to gain more and more weight. My husbund and i showed patience and even when we were frustrated and distressed, found refuge in each other and continued.

MISTAKE # 4 Dad, mom absolutely needs you to support her after giving birth, accepting the challenge of her new role, no matter how easy or difficult things are embrace your wife and boost her confidence to do it.

Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life.
Albert Einstein
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In our case, jaundice stopped much later, at the end of the third month, and then breastfeeding was finally established after many many failures. It was a blessed moment when he was fed directly by me and breast pump was no longer needed, neither continuous sterilization and baby bottles.  By then I had watched countless videos on Youtube about breastfeeding, read countless articles, and attended seminars but in reality (as I lived it) every mom finds her own way with her baby and then breastfeeding becomes magical!!

Feelings are overwhelming you, when you see your little creature satisfied and full of your milk and these cannot be described. There’s only one message I want to give DON’T GIVE UP! Ask for support and help and TRY it, it’s definitely worth your effort!! We breastfed for 15 whole months!!!


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16 comments on “What i have learned during breastfeeding

  1. Mary Elizabeth Vardaman

    Breastfeeding was the hardest part of new motherhood in my opinion! It’s so hard to not give up. In fact, I had 3, I did give up a little early on my last…I was so tired! haha!

  2. Katie Frazier

    I am actually awake right now nursing my 15 month old. I’m currently weaning during the day, but we do ocasional night feeds. It wasn’t always easy.. He was a premie so at first, he couldn’t latch. I had to pump. I also has horrible blisters. I also got mastitis within the second month. I still didn’t give up! At two months old, he started latching like a pro, and I have breastfed ever since! Thank you for sharing your story with us!

    1. S.K. Post author

      It is so pleasant to hear that you continued trying and you succeeded your goal to breastfeed!
      Your comment is a great message for all of us!
      Don’t give up!
      Thanks for sharing Katie!

  3. Nicole p

    Breastfeeding is so hard! It was so difficult with my first I ended up mostly pumping forever lol. But I learned a lot and was successful with my second!

    1. S.K. Post author

      Thanks for sharing your experience! It is really important for new mothers to know that many of us had difficulty but managed to breastfeed .

  4. Kelsie Rudnick

    Breastfeeding is not easy. I was completely unprepared for how difficult and painful it would be in the beginning. I breastfed my son with a nipple sheild for the first 3 months and it was soooo frustrating. After finally getting him off it, he self weaned at 12 months and I am so proud of nourishing my baby for so long!

    1. S.K. Post author

      Many thanks Kelsie for sharing your experience! Nipple shield can be helpful and it led you to achieve your goal! 12 months of breastfeeding, that is great! Welcome to our company!

    1. S.K. Post author

      Knowing how exhausting is to pump I need to say congratulations for your patience and persistence so that your baby gets breast milk! Thank you for commenting and joining our company!

  5. Mariam

    Having a baby is such a whirlwind, and reading this post brought all those crazy, confusing moments back for me. BF is so challenging, and you are so right – there’s panic, there’s confusing and there’s no right/wrong way. You got to go with what you as a mother feel is the right thing to do for your baby!

    1. S.K. Post author

      That’s so true! That is why it’s important to share, so that we can help each other with our experiences. Great to have you in our company! Welcome!!

  6. Amy

    Both my bf journeys were challenging in different ways. I was the same as you having a section, which I think did affect my milk coming in. I wish there was more support for mamas when they are first starting out!

    1. S.K. Post author

      I totally agree with you, more support is definitely needed! Wish you all the best for your family!

  7. S.K. Post author

    So happy to read your thoughts and personal experiences!
    It is so important to inspire in a positive way new mothers to breastfeed.
    Stopping breastfeeding was also really difficult for me!
    Stay with us and read an article about that the next days!
    Please feel always welcome to share with us and express your self!

  8. Traci Weinhart

    Some great advice, especially about not giving up.
    With my first, he nursed wonderfully in the hospital but once home I could not get him to attach correctly. I pumped for 6 months and that provided half his nourishment.
    With my second, she was a natural-born nurser. So much so, that at 2.5 years of age it was very hard to wean her.
    This was a wonderful part of my life and I will always cherish this special bond with my children.


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