The first visit of the Teeth Fairy


And here comes the time for us when the first teeth gap created…! Mixed emotions. On the one hand, you see your child and you begin to realize that he is growing up, on the other hand, you’re getting anxious about what you should do now. From the moment you understand that the first tooth is shaking and preparing to leave, the thoughts begin… What should I say to the child? Will he be scared? When will it leave? At the eating time? While playing? Will it leave on its own or shall we use help?

That’s how all started

Let’s start from the beginning. Last year, our little one was about 4.5 years old and he was looking forward to going to the bigger school, the kindergarten. I was thinking about this whole process with the change of teeth and it bothers me. I am also a first-time mom, so you understand that some things for us “the first-time moms” make us use a little planning sometimes…

The first thing you do is ask relatives, friends, and acquaintances for all the details. Even search for relevant answers on the internet. I was looking for answers on how to prepare the kid, so that he does not get scared, how to manage this situation, what to do, what to say, how the child will deal with it, what will happen if he swallows the teeth if he sees or understands blood… And what’s next? When will he see it in the mirror? How will he feel? What will he think? What should I say to him?


So, I slowly started to prepare him and try to explain to him that the teeth he has now are the ones he had since he was a baby and they are the primary teeth. It comes at a time around the age of 5-6 that these teeth leave one by one gradually to get out of the new “big ones”, the permanent ones.

Because I saw a reaction to a small reflection (I can not say for sure if he felt terrified), I explained to him that he will not be left without teeth. Not like the elderly or babies. One tooth will start to shake and at some point will leave, while at the same period may follow another after a few months. When the new tooth starts to come out, another will start shaking, and so on. The first step had been taken. We had a little chat and I managed not to scare him!

Teeth Fairy

The time has come for the tooth fairy to appear in the case… I explain to him at an early stage who this fairy is and what exactly she does. And what I see… A little face timidly begins to light up and the case becomes more interesting. We talked for a while and I answered his questions to the time he wanted us to deal with something else… Then I felt like… Wow! That was good! We did a huge start!


A few days later the schools opened and therefore it came for us to go to the kindergarten… Then, someday we were coming home from school and he announces to me that his new friend’s first tooth was gone and the second one left at school that day! I asked, of course, how the tooth left (it came out when he was eating his breakfast), what happened, how the child reacted, and also how the other children reacted. Needless to say, the joy I got, both for that child and for mine, who got acquainted and accept the fact that at some point it will happen to him as well!

From that day on, he often asked when it would happen to him for the first time, and more specifically the questions were about the fairy of the teeth and the coin he leaves when she takes the tooth. “Mom, are you sure she will find it?”, “How does she get it”, “How does she come home?”, “How does she know that the tooth is gone?”, “And then what will she do?”… So many questions that I do not know which one to remember…

The first tooth shakes

Months passed. Suddenly, at some point, while he was eating he had a toothache. I was in a bit of a chaotic situation… I got up from the table, molded him to eat the rest of his food, while at the same time I had to get ready for work. In a little while, dad would return from work to stay with our little one. So, I had to be ready to go to work.

The first thought was to wonder if he was making fun of me for eating less. You see, there are times when he doesn’t like the food; we look for excuses to eat less… “Mom, I’m telling you the truth” he complained. That’s when I started to suspect. I asked him to open his mouth… So, yes!!! Our first shaking tooth!!! And a little further next one is probably rocking a little more…

– “My love, your tooth is shaking!”.

– Yes!!!!! The tooth fairy will come!

His joy was indescribable.

The first tooth is gone

The days were passing and the tooth was shaking more and more. He was constantly wondering when it would leave and why it hadn’t left yet. It was then that I began to prepare more intensively for the tooth fairy. We read books on the subject. I was trying to explain to him that he should not be afraid when that moment comes because it is something completely normal. Even if he sees or understands a little blood, he shouldn’t be stressed… And everything I could imagine he needed to know to be prepared.

More days passed. We took it for granted… we had almost forgotten. Only what he eats, so as not to be too harsh, reminded it to us.

A few more days later, summer weather was here. So, at the end of June, we made another family trip to the sea. Swim, play, have fun. We had to get back home after some hours in the sun and the sea. The little one sat in his seat. While Dad and I were putting things in the car, he went and got the fruit taper and started eating a whole peach. Suddenly…

“Mom, the tooth!!!”



I can not describe the panic I felt because I did not have a complete picture of what exactly happened to the tooth. Did it come out, or did it hurt again? If it came out, did it swallow it? Did he see blood and was he stressed? It all happened in fractions of a second… Probably only I was finally stressed… Restless he was holding his tooth and smiling…! And of course, the questions about the tooth fairy started again… All the way back home he was anxious until he slept in the car…

When we came back home and at bedtime, he left his tooth with excitement under the pillow. Of course, there were some repetitive questions, to be sure… Then, he slept.

Tooth Fairy’s certificate

I made the relevant “tooth fairy visit certificate”, printed it, wrapped it with a ribbon, and put in its place a set with the pouch that had the coin… I also took the pouch with the tooth. To put it on his pillow I entered the room very quietly just like a cat… He was very tired to understand what I was doing in his room and did not wake up. Everything went well, so I left as quietly as I could, always with the same anxiety …

In the morning, I was snoring in bed when suddenly… “Mommyyyyyyyy!”… And a happy and excited creature came into the bedroom running… “The tooth fairy came; she took my tooth; look what she left me”! His happiness was indescribable! He was very proud of himself! We were for him, too!

Of course, you can also find on the internet various information and books about both the fairy and the importance of keeping their teeth clean. I will be happy to share your experience! In the comments, describe to us how you handled your visit from the Tooth Fairy.

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6 comments on “The first visit of the Teeth Fairy

  1. Angie

    This is such a great idea! My daughter is 2 now, but I’ll make a tooth fairy visit certificate too when the time comes! 🙂

  2. Brava S Reitumetse

    Aw happy for your little one experiencing that beautiful childhood moment. In our culture, we would throw the too over the house, aiming for above the roof and the ‘tooth fairy’ will get it from the roof and replace it with a beautiful tooth. If you don’t throw it good enough, you won’t have a new tooth, so it encouraged children to embrace change, not feeling like you’ve lost something but you are gaining something (a new grown-up tooth) and celebrating growing up.

    1. admin Post author

      Wonderful! Good to know! Almost the same used to do here in Greece! Though, the latest years we have tooth-fairy in our lives 🙂


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