How to have a nice Valentine’s Day

κεριά σχηματίζουν το δρόμο

Valentine’s Day has a symbolic and substantial character. It is a celebration that we can remind our feelings not only to ourselves but also to the others.

To be honest, for sooooo many years this day did not matter to me and I did not base it on its symbolism. Not because I was not in love, but because I think it is better to show our feelings all year round. But I finally realized that it is like Christmas. I don’t mean in importance. As Christmas celebrates love and serves as a reminder that we should show our love to all the people we love (and not only to those) all year round, instead of just the festive days of Christmas, this day could remind our love for our very own people.

Of course, for us who we are Orthodox also have the day of love on February 13. But why not celebrate one day or two? After all, on February 13 we don’t celebrate love as a big holiday, as some people (including Catholics – and not only) celebrate on February 14. We are not looking for ways to express our feelings. It’s a day like so many others. We have associated this day with Valentine’s Day, while in some countries they celebrate love. Not only do spouses celebrate with each other, but they also show their love to their children and children to their parents. Let’s not forget that in English for words love and eros they have in common the word “love”.

Some people think that this holiday favors the owners of gift shops, florists, and confectioneries. Does that bother you? Well, not me. And why should this have to bother me anyway? To show my love to my people, would I mind if some shopkeepers benefited from it? And why not those people work one more day a little bit more? Do they earn so much? Is it that bad? As if we are in rival camps with each other or as if we are bad competitors that we do not want the next store to work…

Celebrate as much as you can… And after all, what if we do something different if we become a little romantic? Give a big hug to your loved ones. What if we set a nice table for our family, or even just for our spouse? Put some wine to drink in a romantic atmosphere? What if we come a little closer again? If we buy a few flowers or a gift? What if we help our child to prepare a craft that he wants so much, to show us his love? Do you mind?

We give you as a gift a festive game for all ages… It is a domino… Don’t underestimate it… Domino is a game of observation, it enhances visual memory, development, imagination, and creativity.

Print, stick on thick cardboard (or like that of pizza), cut, and start the fun… You can also laminate them.

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