Christmas ULTIMATE crafts for kids


December is coming soon! Christmas! New Year! Festive days! The house is changing. It’s getting a wonderful festive look. Here comes the Christmas tree! We surely all remember as kids the whole Christmas preparations and the smells that filled the house… All kinds of sweets! In Greece, we love making melomakarona, and kourabiedes. Children singing Christmas carols… Wonderful moments! 

At the same time, Christmas for moms means that we have to do even more things… Who will adorn and undress? ΅What about all the Christmas sweets? We also have to talk to the children about Christmas! In fact, in an already overloaded program of everyday life… Yet, we are the ones who have to undertake them. Also, let’s not forget that for some women there is no proper help and support. 

However, it is still something that used to please us as children when our moms made it for us. Equally, for this reason, it’s our turn to create every year such beautiful memories and pleasures for our children! Consider that by the time our children will grow up and will remember all those smells, the ornaments and the lights, the trees, even Santa Claus… Hohochos! Wonderful memories that we will have created for them! 

Nevertheless, let’s not procrastinate anymore! We remind you that we had collected the Christmas customs of the world. With this Christmas intention, we gathered the most beautiful Christmas constructions that we can make with our children and for our children! Don’t get stressed in case you don’t make it well. Remember that perfection isn’t that important here. The important thing is the precious time we spend with our children, the lessons, and the memories we give them!

Therefore, create memories in the little mind of children! Let’s start…

Santa Claus 

Rudolf – Deer – Animals

Tree – Wreath

Snowman – snowflake – snowball – gingerbread man




Gnome – elf


Salt dough


More crafts


In addition, in our article on Christmas around the world, you can also see different festive versions that will surprise you! Find out without delay with your children the Christmas customs of the world! Read together every day a couple of countries! Read, talk with them and get even closer with each other! 

Since you want to make your life even better you have to organize your daily routine in the new year. So, don’t miss the post for the new year’s goals, keeping in mind that our basic goal is to make our daily life easier and more organized!

If you recognize our big try to gather this full list of Christmas crafts, please tell us if you liked those ideas we gathered for you. Straightaway, you should try to make as many as you want… And, why not… Eventually, show us your wonderful results in the comments. In the meanwhile, help us by liking and sharing

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