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Today I want to share the anxiety I had for our little one to learn to write numbers. He learned to count at an early age. He was interested in learning, he always had questions.

For example, for some very specific reasons, which I may reveal to you in another article in the future, by the age of about 1.5 he learned to count to 10. When he was 2 he knew how to count to 20. He recognized some numbers over 20. He used to see numbers on the street and wanted to know which number was. And then “mom what number is it?” he kept asking. At almost 5 years old, he’s counting up to 200. However, by the age of 4, he started learning to write numbers.

At this point, I want to clarify that he learned to love numbers from a young age and everything he has learned is from his questions and not from our desire and haste to learn a lot from a young age. Neither to replace the work of teachers. And of course once again to remind you that every child wants and needs his own time!

I talk to friends who have children at similar ages and have the same thoughts that I used to have. We don’t need to press and stress our children. But on the other hand, it is not bad to help our children and teachers. Let’s not forget that there are many cases we have fantastic teachers who try to do their job, often under adverse conditions, chasing to cover the school curriculum. While at the same time being called upon to meet the needs of so many children. But every child needs his own time and with this reasoning, we as parents end up trying to help both our children and teachers.

Our help lies not only in lessons and knowledge but also in attitudes. You can also refer to our relevant article on Parental Engagement, which also includes a part from the learning section. As for the cases of bad teachers, I don’t even want to mention it because it makes me very angry. Even in these cases, however, as parents, we are still called to help our children.

Many parents have such anxiety and are looking for ways to help their children. So I decided to share with you a booklet I made for our little friends. It is a booklet of pre-written works, made with a lot of love, concerning the numbers from 1 to 9. At the same time, you can find more for pre-schoolers on our post about pre-writing exercises.

writing exercises for preschoolers

Download the file, print it and start with your child. You will be amazed on how smart and capable they can become when we spend some useful time with them, when we give them opportunities to try and develop their skills and abilities.

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4 comments on “How toddlers write numbers

  1. Stephanie

    I love Sesame Street for initial introduction to letters and numbers. We are 2.5 and barely counts to 3, however when he is ready I’m excited to introduce some of these activities.

    1. admin Post author

      It’s true that such exercises could be very useful for kids. Of course we give them when they are ready. Thank you very much!


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