How to save through supermarkets


We are indeed living through some difficult times. Every household is trying to find ways to better manage their financial situation. But even if a household has no problem with its finances, it never hurt anyone just a little savings!

Supermarket/Grocery: The big and necessary expense

We are all looking to see how this is going to be done. We have our salary and we spend it on bills and basic needs, like the supermarket.

I can imagine you spend some time wondering how much your family spends at the supermarket shopping. I’m sure many of you haven’t thought about the amount of discounts and promotions you save by buying products at promotions or discounts. What if you were able to calculate this amount? Even better… You saved the amount of discounts and offers and did not pay it! But what if you set a percentage / amount of it as savings?


Can I save on purchases at the supermarket?

What I mean is that you have saved this money anyway. But if you put some of that aside in case something unexpected happens or just for your family savings? I know, maybe you will tell me that you don’t have a surplus … Not a small amount of it? So, if your bill is for example at 100$ and the number of your deductions was 20$ you wouldn’t be able to put aside 5-10$, if not the whole 20$? Either way, you saved the 20$. What if you would have used some of it?

How is this going to be done;

A 4-member family in Greece spends on these stores on average about 500$. I believe in your country must be something similar, due to your amount of salaries. Anyway, calculate the number of discounts each time and you will probably find that they are an amount you could count on… To help you get some of that out, we give you the form below! Apply it and you will be shocked at the possibilities that you could find!!!

How do I fill out the form?

Fill in the date and store of your purchases. In the column “Payment Amount” enter the amount of the receipt, and therefore the amount you paid. In the amount of the “Discount”, add the sum of the discounts shown on the receipt. If they are not shown on your receipt, you have to calculate them. Add that minus “-” and put the result in the column.

Some shops give out gift vouchers or coupons. If you have paid in this way, write the amount in the column “Checks”. In the next column insert the sum of the “Discount” and “Checks” columns. In the “Starting receipt amount” column we put the amount that comes out if we add the amount we paid and the amount we saved.

The next column shows, for example, 50% of your indirect payments. You can put any other percentage you want or if you find it difficult to save the amount you can save from this visit to the supermarket. And finally, in the “Total Savings” you have to add the previous amount you have saved with the amount of your visit you have saved and completed it in the previous column. For example, if you were able to save 20$ on your first visit and you could save another 25$ on your next visit (you have listed it in the “Savings” column). So, your final saving amount after your second visit should be at 45$ (20$ + 25$ = 45$).

In conclusion

It’s an easy and helpful process. All you have to do is fill in the table and everything will get better… It goes without saying that the bigger the amount you save, the bigger the amount at the end of the month… Imagine at the end of the year… From savings 0$, you will have to get a small amount that will give you a little reassurance about any unexpected that may arise… and don’t tell me that unexpected expenses are few!

We’re here for anything you want to ask.

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    1. admin Post author

      I use this method and it has helped me a lot. I know each month all the saving I have done through the discount. This gives me the choice of the savings I want to make. Glad that I helped!


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