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Make your house clean

I would like to refer to something that annoys all women… Cleaning the house and changing seasonal clothes!!! A very tiring issue for at least twice a year!!!

Season change

Spring is coming… If you can get the clothes down, freshen them up, wash them and wash them down… Well in the spring… In the autumn the clothes you take out of the suitcases have more volume, so more volume inside the middle… Even harder things… And of course, let’s not forget that at the same time we have to keep the house clean, the food ready… The kids clean and read… What about mom??? Obedient, resentful and have to be both mother and husband with a smile on her face and a good mood !!!

Are we doing something wrong? Is there a solution that we don’t know or don’t see? Isn’t there just one solution and we are just unjustly educated? Tell me, how many times have you thought about it? How many times have you not said “I will not do it again !!!”. Personally, I have said it many times, but for many years I was doing the same mistake…

clean the house

Well, my girls, put an end to all this hassle today!

What options do we have?

There are solutions and even feasible solutions for all. I know, it’s difficult times to pay a woman and come to help us with all this hassle! But really, how much does all this trouble cost? Or, how much does it cost to see our children and husband smile on our faces? Do we have to spend more time with our kids instead of endless ironing? Should we think about it a little better?

Of course, there is another, longer-term solution that can reduce stress and anxiety. We can schedule home chores so we can be more effective and get out quickly so that there is more time left for ironing.

Below is an illustrative list that we can use to finish cleaning the house before putting on clothes and cupboards.

Is there another way to help?

Of course, we can make this list even more so by looking at, for example, each week/month, depending on the time of each, and doing something, a room, or a time-consuming job at home. This way, all the thick chores are packed together with the change of clothes. For example, when have time limit to clean the whole house. Wouldn’t it be better if we had the kitchen cabinets tidied up last week and do something else like clean the oven? We would do homework all the time, and not all the chores would suffocate, stress us, and annoy us.

cleaned home

Let’s make the decision!

So what would you say to rethink all of our potentials, our priorities, and, for a while, ourselves, always in keeping with the good of both ourselves and our family? Is it better to be overwhelmed and look that way to our children and our spouse? It is better to come of age and say “Oh, my waist aches, my neck, my legs!” You and our beloved spouses, what do you prefer? In what condition do you prefer your wife to be?

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