How to stop throwing away food now!


There are times when I get annoyed with myself. I clean my kitchen cabinets and find food supplies that are about to expire or have expired. I have to throw them away. I’m sure this has happened to you, too!

The other day I wanted to make a dessert and when I was in the supermarket I thought I had all the ingredients. But as soon as I got home, I saw that some of them had expired.

I get nervous because I don’t like throwing away food. In my opinion, throwing away food shows greed and ingratitude. In addition to wasting money. It’s like not appreciating what we have, while others in greater need can’t find something to eat.

So I started thinking of ways to help me get organized and not let that happen again. I started thinking that if I list the expiration dates of some foods. Then I might be able to control the situation. I would be able to have in my mind a plan for the need of making some sweets or food so that I can catch up and not run out of ingredients. Or vice versa, if a product is nearing its end, I will be able to think about where and how to use it. That way I could just use it instead of throw it away.

You might think “is it possible to mark the expiration dates of what we buy? Are we going to do this all the time? ”. No, absolutely no. We don’t have to mark the expiration date of everything we buy. But we can do it for products we don’t often use and just stay in our cupboard too long.

For example, we will not do it for a pack of spaghetti, because their expiration date is far away and it’s very likely that we will use it soon enough. But it could be done with some other ingredients, such as icing sugar, spices, couverture, puff pastry leaves, or whatever we don’t use very often in our kitchen.

We don’t have to throw away puff pastry or cinnamon, but we can use them to make some sweets, puff pastry rolls with cinnamon and sugar, or something else. Why do we throw away the couverture and not make a dessert? I make a meal or a dessert when my kid’s friends come to our home, when friends come or even to offer it at work!

See the lists, choose the one you like, download the file and use it.

  • almost-expired
  • almost-expired
  • almost-expired
  • almost-expired

This was the solution that helped me! That way I know the expiration date of the products that I don’t often use and instead of throwing them away, I use them! In addition, this way they don’t take up much space in my cupboards, being expired and I have the ability when I want to renew them!

Finally, we shouldn’t forget that people are starving! They need food. So, to feed themselves, they have to go to the church or an organization. It would be very helpful and useful if we could share with them some food! The good one, not the garbage one, please… We can also share some food with the cats, dogs, and every other creature that lives on the streets…

The solution is simple choose, download, notice, check!

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