Free and Easy pre-writing worksheet

writing exercises for preschoolers

When we have toddlers at home we have to keep finding ways to spend useful time with them. We try to find paintings, crafts, games, and everything that will help us be creative for them. It’s the perfect opportunity to play with them, to make them happy to give them as many good memories as we can!

At this age probably they have their first contact with the letters. They can learn their first letters and recognize them when they see those letters elsewhere. For this purpose, you can use the alphabet letter cards and help them learn and recognize the alphabet letters.

We shouldn’t forget that especially when their schools are closed, there are more things that we have to show them. Lately, I have seen many articles and many ideas for paintings, crafts, and games. This time I have decided to show you something a little bit different.

Making some lines, curves, and circles to ourselves seems like something so simple to us. For these children, however, such a thing is an achievement!

Print the whole worksheet, give them a pencil, help them. Their reward, besides their knowledge and skills, would be to paint the icons and probably some kind of sticker!!! They will feel very proud of themselves!!! They will be very happy!!!

writing exercises for preschoolers

You can also see our post about writing numbers and have extra help for your children’s writing attempts. At the same time with our post about count up to 100/200, you will see that they can learn to count easily by printing the file of your choice and putting it in a place where children can often see it. Do not forget that we do not need to push and stress them!

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