Play with the kid: It’s important!


I think we’ve all heard that in recent years kids have been getting smarter. I hear more and more often that children have nothing to do with children of previous generations. Why is this happening? Mostly in previous years, there was the notion that “babies don’t understand what you are saying”. But do babies understand that? What are they able to perceive and how does this happen? For what reason?

In general

Children, especially at an early age, learn through play. They learn to recognize animals, to distinguish colors, shapes, numbers, even letters. Even the simple figures that one might wonder about their usefulness have something to teach the child.

When we play with a baby or toddler and put a teddy bear in front of him, we speak with a different voice, we help activate the brain and his imagination. The same way dolls or any kind of figures in infancy or childhood work. The child will make a story in his mind and develop it.

Τhe value of the game

Kids today have too many toys. But is it just our need to consume? Each child has his or her abilities and skills. However, the stimuli we give him play a role. Let’s not forget that we don’t necessarily have to buy toys. We can simply create them, build them, and many times even with the child.

Let’s not forget that children aren’t interested in perfection in the game, but in the game itself and the time we spend together! No matter what kind of toys we buy we can’t replace the time we don’t spend with them because of our daily stress and routine.

Think about how our children learn values ​​through play. Values ​​like telling the truth, sharing, respecting, appreciating, recognizing the good. So it’s not just the practical things our children can learn through play, such as colors, letters, numbers, and shapes. They are also moral. These are the principles we can give them from a very early age. And to be honest books and fairytales help us a lot in this.

Toys have evolved because we are finding new ways to manage them better, to teach and show our children everything we can. Certainly learning through the game should be done without stress and without constantly trying to learn something from them.

We also have to let them and make the game they want, spend the time they want, without having to constantly learn. Their minds must rest as well. We should not resort to exaggerations, because all we do is increase both our and their stress.

The role of television

Another important part is that of television and screens in general. In another article, we will analyze the serious effects on a child. With TV we have the time to do our jobs, cook, clean, or whatever and forget the most important thing …

Our children are young once and in the time we have put them in front of the screen we do not show them our love, they don’t get our feelings. So, after having lost contact with our child at the critical ages of adolescence, how do we have the requirement from our child to speak to us, to tell us his thoughts, his concerns?

The benefits of the game

Through the game, children learn, but our relationships with them become stronger. The benefits of the game are endless. Play with them, play board games, hide and seek, and any other game that comes to your mind. Create your own games.

A great idea is a question-and-answer game, an article you will find on our blog shortly. This way we develop better communication between us. We learn his thoughts, his preferences, his needs, but most of all we come closer. We make it feel safer that he can speak to us, express us, open us up. Be stronger and more confident. Give him, at the same time, beautiful memories of his childhood!

It’s like being a painter and having a white canvas in front of you. This is the moment when you start dealing with your child, ideally at a young age. On this canvas, you want to put the most beautiful colors, the best color combinations.

How can you do this if you don’t try, experiment, don’t open your mind and horizons so you can learn? Your canvas is your child. Listen to it, understand its needs. Give him time and space. Show your love and mainly play with him, spend time together. In the end, be sure that you have created a perfect project. Your “canvas” will be filled with work worthy of the greatest painters by Picasso, Dali, Michael Angelos.

In conclusion

Give them the time and importance they deserve and they will amaze you. You will be really surprised, you will boast that you have the smartest child in the world and believe me it’s true… You have a very smart child because you gave him everything he needed … Love, affection, care, interest and much more, but also a lot of play …

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14 comments on “Play with the kid: It’s important!

  1. Amanda

    I read once that you should get toys for your child that you too would like to play with. That really resonated with me and I love being reminded how important it is to play with my child.

  2. Gabrielle Anderson

    I some times don’t take time out of my day to make sure I spend alone time with both kids its hard.

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, it’s hard to take care of everything. But remember that is very important for them to have nice playing memories with their parents! Keep trying!

  3. Erin

    With the current crisis we’ve playing outside as much as possible. The TV is on very little in nice weather and we’re finding lots of creating ways to have fun together!

    1. admin Post author

      Oh!!! That’s great! Keep it up!!! Come around more often if you like!

    1. admin Post author

      It’s true but there are many times we seem to forget that importance in order to do other stuff, less important! Thank you for reading and we hope to see you around again soon!

  4. Kelsie Rudnick

    As a mom who is home all day with my toddler now, this is a great reminder. He is exhausting but you’re right, he won’t be this little for long.

    1. admin Post author

      I’m glad you see it this way! And I’m sure he will be glad too! Thank you!


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