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The woman is the “beautiful sex”. It is an admission. Despite all our differences, each one has her own beauty. There are many times that we don’t feel very well with ourselves, we don’t look good on our appearance, or we suddenly start to gain weight. It is an issue with many approaches and even more extensions.

Often in conversations with acquaintances and girlfriends there is an issue that concerns almost everyone. This is due to the fact that we do not deal with ourselves, we do not have time. As a result, we often neglect even our health. And I wonder if we don’t deal a little bit with our body and health how will we ever feel good about ourselves? How will we be well in our physical and mental health?

At that point, I have to be honest. In serious health situations that arose because I neglected to see a doctor, or because I set other priorities (more insignificant!) each month, or because something came up that I had to deal with to solve it, I was constantly late to see a doctor or check my health.

This was up to the point a health issue became more serious and I could no longer delay a visit to the doctor. Of course, if I was more concerned with myself and I mean mainly my health, things would not be difficult. The bad thing is that I ALWAYS used to understand my mistake and told myself that I would start paying more attention to myself. I had even implemented an annual program. I knew that in January I would have to go to the gynecologist, in May to the doctor to have a blood test… I had in mind that in some specific months of the year I would have to deal with my health!

Of course, I don’t need to tell you that I haven’t applied this for many years. At one point and then I started to think that I could see my health next month, because this month I had something “important” to do or some obligation to pay. Many times I felt that I needed to help others who were asking my help with their problems…

The result is known. Again, I did not check anything about my health. Really, how many times has it happened to you? How many times have you neglected yourself for something or someone else? Even for our children, who may sometimes be preoccupied with something less important?

We need to understand that the point is not that we become selfish or narcissistic or beautiful. No way!!! We run to catch up on everything, housework, work, children, husband, loved ones, friends, relatives… What’s the result? The result is that we end up being a raccoon, both physically and psychologically. Both have something to do with our health. But what if we get sick? What will our children do? Our family? Our friends; that’s why I tell you; the issue is not our selfishness, I’m not talking selfishly, I’m talking about the people we love so much!

With so much stress and so many obligations we end up neglecting ourselves and end up at the end of the day exhausted, distressed, unloved and disrespectful to ourselves! So how do we expect others to love and respect us? There is no man on our planet and especially a woman who does not want to be liked, not to ask for a flattery at times, to hear “How beautiful your hair is today”. And this is neither narcissism, nor beauty, nor even excessive selfishness; it is so normal!

At the same time, it is worth mentioning that we often encounter cases of tired and distressed women leading to weight gain and health problems, mental disorders (such as sleep disorders, eating disorders, etc.). While several times negligence to us is an initial stage of depression!

Of course we should not forget that we also have our partner, our husband… What do we want him to see? Will a woman who neglects herself arouse his love interest? It is more important that the 15 shirts have been ironed and kept in the closet? What if we iron some and arrange to go to the hairdresser sometimes, or get our nails done, or try for ourselves and for him to lose a few pounds, do a seminar or chase our dream?

Let’s change that all together! From today, make your decisions!!! Listen more to yourself and your needs! Organize your time in everyday life. Add to your schedule hair and nails and a little exercise (even with home programs). Organize appointments with your exams and doctors!

Here is an annual plan. Complete it based on your own needs! Try to apply it! Set a goal: love yourself and you will see how many things will change! You deserve it!!! We deserve it!!!

I thought I had finished this article, even though I wanted to express so much more… But I saw an article that I had read recently and it came back to me at the most appropriate time. So I chose not to correct any of the above to that post, just to add and close this article this way. We thank Mr. Stefanos Xenakis and who took Mr Xenakis article and wrote the post “A post that You will want to print to read it every day…», we can find such important and remarkable tips, but also and

I especially want to stick to some special tips: smile at yourselves every day, look at the beauty around, do not believe in luck, evolve, love and dream. I would not like to add anything more because I think that Mr. Xenakis says it all and in the best way… Read the article because it really worth it and why not, print to see it every day… I will do it anyway and especially do not forget …

“Take care of yourself as if you were the most important person in the world. You are. They just didn’t tell you. “
(Stefanos Xenakis).

Thank you!

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6 comments on “How to love yourself

  1. Natasha

    It is so easy to forget ourselves and put us at the bottom of the pile. But it is so important to look after yourself. Thank you for sharing

  2. Mae

    Such a beautiful post and very true. We tend to get lost with all our daily grind and often forget about ourselves.

  3. Amy

    I love this, I think we all could use a reminder to stop and take a moment to appreciate ourselves. Thank you!


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