How to laminate without a machine

laminate with no laminator machine

Until recently I was thinking about how to preserve some crafts and paintings made by my 5-year-old son. Sometimes I wanted to print something and then laminate it. Examples of this are the table with numbers or the pre-writing exercises, and then the writing of numbers. There are also games I like to use for lamination (such as Alphabet Cards). Other times I wish I had laminated something for my use to make my daily routine easier, like the daily schedule.

When the child is involved and trying to write, using the laminate and the marker that goes out could be reused. But how is all this done without a plasticizer?

laminated cards


I think you have been in my position several times. Haven’t you thought that you would like to keep this painting as a souvenir? How many times have you thought it’s a pity that the page with his/her first letters, numbers will be crumpled, or even torn? The page they first wrote their name on? Even printable games that you have downloaded from the internet and have not laminated…. Tell the truth…. What is their current situation? In our case, from what we wanted to last longer, we did not achieve everything…. By the time I found the solution…

When I got into the process of finding a plasticizer, I started looking for exactly what I needed to get. I made a little research, then a little more… Then I started thinking… How big is it? And where will it fit? Where will I place it? And should I have one more machine? Thou I made the decision… Just before I made the purchase, I found this article completely by accident …………………

In this article, I saw how I can laminate without even having the laminator machine! And you will ask me…. “How was the result?”… The result was COMPLETELY the same!!!

What you have to do is 2-3 moves.

The procedure

Take your kid’s painting, the printable that you have printed, or anything else that needs lamination. Put it in between the nylon used for lamination. You get 2 small towels of small size, even the kitchen’s are ideal. Put a towel on the ironing board and the nylon on the towel so that it is completely covered. Insert the second towel above. The nylon must be completely covered on both sides by the towels. Start ironing on high heat ONLY with the metal plate of the iron and NOT with steam!

Squeeze over slowly, it will help if you press the iron lightly on the towels as you “iron”. Check if it is completely stuck, if not continue. It won’t take you more than 2 minutes! Once it is ready, it will still be slightly soft. Lie on the table and flatten gently.

Ready! You just made your first handmade lamination, and even without the lamination machine!

However, let’s not forget that in addition to what we have said about laminating in children’s works and drawings, we can also laminate our things… For example lists of what we have to do daily as busy mommies, or a weekly meal plan. Lamination can be useful to us in so many things that you never imagined…

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12 comments on “How to laminate without a machine

  1. Nadia

    That’s how I’ve been laminating flashcards and it works like a charm. But for me it doesn’t work for larger sizes like A4 or letter.
    How do you laminate them so you don’t get bubbles in the middle?

    1. admin Post author

      Put it inside in the right position. In some occasions such as A4 I have to cut the space around paper in order to fit better. It’s also important to place it in a strong and hard place to laminate it.

  2. Jacquline Pinchuk

    I didn’t even know this was possible lol! This is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing. I think I’m going to need this soon with my kids going into kindergarten =).

    1. admin Post author

      Yeah! You are going to love it! It’s super easy! I use this all the time, having a kid at kindergarten too.


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