How to start saving easily!

It’s true that many times I have tried to start saving. The fact is that as many tries for savings I have made, have been destroyed. Each time something had come up and I have spent my savings and then I just have to start over. I have done many tries to save a small part of my salary and when I start to build a small amount I have just to pay something, a bill, a doctor or buy something that’s necessary for me or my family.

So, I realized that I have to find a way to organize my savings. It’s the only way! So searching at the internet I have seen some lists that help you start saving. I knew from the beginning that this way would really help me! So I just started to follow those lists… Because of my low salary from my work I am not able to save much money. Though, having some savings is better than nothing at all!

The lists’ way shows that you have to save a cent for each day of the year. You have just follow the list and note down how much money you save. For example the first day of the year you save 0.01$, the second day of the year you save another 0.02$ (total amount 0.03$), the third day of the year you add 0.03$ more (total amount 0.06$) and so on. By the end of the year you will be able to have saved more than 650$! It’s not a huge amount but it depends on how much money you take as a salary, your needs, your expenses and of course your savings. If you stick to this program the 650$ could be a lot more if you would be able to add more savings. The most important thing is to follow the program and you will not regret it!

We have made a list that shows the least amount you should save per day through the year, in order to know the exact amount you should save. Also we have created one more list in order to help you organize and control your savings. The only procedure you will have to follow is to check the savings list and the fill in the second list with the amount you save each day.

This way shows you how to save and it is very important that there are many days that you could add some more because of the low amount. For example, if you could add more money in the first day, you will have more savings. This is obvious!

When I first use this method I was afraid that as the days/months would go by, maybe I wouldn’t be able to save the amount that I would have to save. For example, I was afraid that in November I might not be able to save more than 3$ for each day. Then I thought of something else… I checked the amount I could save, used the lists and just check (√) into the appropriate day. So, if you afraid of the same thing you will have to use these lists in another way.

For example, on the 5th day of the year the list says I should save 0.05$. I could save more on that day, so I saw the list again and decided to save 3.15$ which is the amount for the 315th day of the year. So, I got on the second list and checked that I was saving the equivalent of 315th rather than 5th day, a day that might have been difficult for me to save. I could just save 0.05$, which corresponds to the 5th day, but in this way I reduced the remaining amount to be saved in November which needed more money, so a less stressful day for that month. So when it comes, on the 315th day I will be able to put a smaller amount I have left pending, like the 0.05$ . If I save sometimes a little more than I need to, especially in the first few months of the year when the amounts are very small, then I am saved from a bit of stress in the last months of the year, making sure that some day of the year I may not be able to save, I just need to put a smaller one that is pending. After all, the use of these lists is to help us save more than 650$ a year. So, I still follow the program!

The important thing is that within 3 years you could save more than 2000$ and in the next 5 years the amount will be over than 3300$!!!! And still, don’t forget that those amounts are the minimum amounts you could get! Imagine if you are able to save more what amount you could reach!

Try it and you will not regret it! I assure you, it’s the best and the easiest way to start saving!

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