How to make your weekly meal plan

Every woman I have met always worries about what to cook for the day. If she has kids then that worry becomes huge! What for my kid to eat at breakfast? What’s for food to cook? What snack should I give my kids? Aren’t those questions something that stresses you too?

The truth is that I get anxious about thinking all these questions… All those times that I have asked myself those questions come to my mind and drive me crazy every day… We should also include that there are some important issues that need special treatment like health problems, breastfeeding, losing weight… All those things should be considered to make a decision about what to cook for the next day.

I have to admit that I found very helpful the thought of weekly program. It really helped me a lot. I just sit down every weekend, check my program for the next week and start to note in a list the cooking for the week to come. This is very helpful for many reasons. Mainly, not only I have stopped to worry 7 days a week about what to cook, but also when I do the shopping at the supermarket I know what I have to buy and I spend less.

About the supermarket thing, when I didn’t use the “cooking list” I just went there and if I hadn’t decided from home what to eat I used to buy a lot of things and I had to decide at home which one of those I could use. So, I had many things left in the storage. Sometimes they even ended up being thrown in the trash!

Another important thing is to consider the snacks for your kid. We give to our children many useless snacks just because they prefer them than the healthier ones. Well, I think that this is something that we have taught them, a habit. It’s true that they should eat sometimes chocolate or sugar or sweets, but as the doctors advise us, not too often. So if we teach them to eat healthier snacks we will prevent them from bad health issues. It’s very hard, but it’s a decision for us to take and for them to understand as much as they can.

So, we made some lists for you to check and take those that you like in order to organize your weekly food and cooking schedule.

I would like you to understand and realize that the lists that organize the weekly food and cooking could not only help you but also the rest of the family. Print them, make your decisions and put the lists in a place that everyone in the family could see, for example in the refrigerator door. Your kids will just go and check what’s next to eat and they will also accept that they are not totally free to eat whatever they want. Your husband either will not bother either he will help you make that program come true! For example if you work in the evenings some days a week, he could help you by knowing what he should feed the rest of the family and especially the kids.

In that point we should remind you another post we had made about the Mediterranean diet, which is one of the healthiest way of eating and living. We advise you to read it and we assure you that you will find it very useful and helpful in order to decide the things that you will give your family to eat.

Just give it a try and you will not regret it, I promise! You will start to live every day with less stress! This is very important for you and your family’s health.

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