Happy Mother’s Day to all mommies!

Happy mother's day

Mother’s Day has come again this year, the celebration of motherhood! Mothers of one child, two children, three, large families…. Moms with a baby, with an infant, with a child in pre-adolescence and adolescence or even after and unemployed moms… Happy Mother’s day! How do you feel about this important day?

3 generations of moms

Really, do you remember what that day was like for all of you before someone was found who would call you “MOM”? Remember when we were happy and we ran to hug and kiss mom and give her our gift… Now, how is this day for you? Is it a little heavier? Of course I do not mean by work, running and obligations… Stop what you are doing and think for a while… You are a MOM! This very important word belongs to you now… 

Wish for mothers day in every way

It is a word also for you. Apart from wife, husband, aunt, sister, cousin, employee, you are also a MOM! Have one (or more) little creatures on top of you depending on you! To play, run and shout “Mom”. Those sweet creatures made us mommies! The ones we have their responsibility, their meaning, their thinking, their hug… The ones that celebrate us today!

pins saying i love you mum

But now we make a mention to other, different moms. Happy mother’s day to all the mommies, whether they had other children or not, they decided with their families to adopt or become foster parents to a child who needed it, who needed a warm home, a hug, a mom and a dad of course ! Celebrate us today!

heart from rope and a rose

Happy mothers day to the long-suffering mothers of single-parent families (like my own mom)! In these moms, who often struggle under adverse conditions to give the best to their child or children and raise them safely, lovingly and warmly, trying not to miss anything else (beyond the essential but often non-existent paternal template)!

A written "mama" on a bench

Happy mother’s day to the moms who are very sad of losing their child! This pain is something that cannot be cured, healed, nor does the calm they feel inside them. However, we have to think about you, to feel the pain you feel, as much as possible, to hug you and with a kiss to wipe your tears, trying to alleviate your pain.

wish your mom with a bouquet

Happy mother’s day to all the mommies being in a hospital, away from their families. Especially, considering all these hard times we live, they are not few… In your effort to get well and return to your families, we are by your side with our thought and we send you all our love, support, strength and positive energy…!

Under no circumstances, I want you not to forget to send our love to everyone who has lost their mother. They live difficult days and we send our love and prayers.

a kid is writing mom i love you with a torch

You will allow me, but I would like to wish happy mother’s day to my mom! With so much that she went through alone and continues to go through, I want to remind her that I love her, but also to apologize for not telling her and not showing it to her as often as I should. A huge THANK YOU for what you did and still doing for me and my family!

Mother of God

For the end I would like to address the Mother of all of us, our Lady, I want to thank you my Virgin for what we have, above all for the health of my little one. Give us, Our Lady, the strength, the courage, the wisdom and the health to raise our kids, as you hold Yours and to see them grow strong and healthy…

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  1. Jordan

    Celebrating all the mothers in this post is very heart warming. The genuine love shared by mothers are infinite. Thank you for sharing!


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