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reward chart

For a long time, I was looking for a rewarding chart that pleased me. We use something that I have printed from the internet, but in this case, I was looking for something more specific, which is for one goal only. The reason was that we wanted our little one to eat all his food. So, our goal was very important and very specific. Our need was something that had only one goal. I didn’t want to distract our little one with other goals, eg. to pick up his toys, to wash his hands, etc. We just wanted to see and try, but without the other reward chart, we pulled him out for a while.

I couldn’t find anything that pleased me until I thought about making one of our own. A handmade one that he could even make and decorate himself. It was a good idea to be involved in the creation process.

The materials:

Pair of scissors
Craft glue
Markers in different colors
Glue A4
Color card paper
Cardboard piece
Materials for decoration (eg buttons, eye beads, decorative stones, etc.)

Of course you can use anything you like.

reward chart

Take your kid next to you and let’s get started… Cut a strip from a carton if we can’t find another thick cardboard. Glue the top of the color card paper to the appropriate dimension and let it dry for a while. Cut an A4 paper and glue it onto the color card paper. We create straight colored zigzag with markers. The child can now glue the decorations and customize the reward board as he or she wishes. The reward chart is ready!!!

Every time he reaches the goal, we give our little creature a sticker!!! I can’t describe his happiness! You will see it on their faces because besides being able to win another sticker, they focus on the specific goal. At the same time, the chart reminds them that it is entirely their creation!!! Their achievement!!!


Congratulations on our little friends!!!

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