How to teach to count up to 100/200

printables with numbers up to 200

In our effort to help our children become better educated and better embedded in school, we will be presenting as many different learning methods or aids as possible so as to enhance the help teachers give our children as much as possible. and our own children, who need their own way, their own time, and their own method to learn.

At this point we stress that it is not our job, nor our role is to be experts or teachers, but we try to help our teachers and especially our children. So, for example, if our child is now learning how to count slowly, it is not bad to print a table that lists numbers up to 20, or 50 or 100. Similarly, if a teacher can find to our blog things that could be useful for him, whether it’s our own idea or another, it would be our pleasure if we provide some help to the students.

In addition, you can find printables that will help the child learn to write numbers, because, depending on the age and abilities of the child, it is equally important to be able to write them. See our printables about the teaching of writing numbers

After all, every child has his or her own interests and stimuli, and it is not good to put labels on learning, but that does not mean that we, as parents, need to be anxious in our kids education. We can, however, give them motivation for learning or some small tips to help them become accustomed to what they learn.

For this reason, and having seen the usefulness of number boards, we have also created our own number boards to print for moms and put them in the child’s room in a prominent place or for teachers to print and put them in the classroom.

For numbers up to 100 see the next printables, make your choice, download, print and put it your kid’s room. So, those numbers will be shown and your kid will have access every day. That way it will be easier to learn counting!



At this point check the board for counting from 100 to 200:


Kids may destroy the printable very easily at no time. I’m sure you know it… For this reason, it’s a brilliant idea to laminate the printable you prefer and make it last longer. See the post about lamination without laminator machine and be sure that you will have the solution you need!

We would like to inform you that will follow many more useful printables, as we aim to take part in our children’s education.

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