How to teach to count up to 100/200

printables with numbers up to 200

Many parents are willing to offer their children help with their education. This sometimes facilitates the work of teachers. At the same time, children feel more beautiful when they learn new things and especially those that give them the feeling that they are growing up and learning more. We must not, however, push them under any circumstances. Every child is different. It has its own interests and its own rhythms.

In our effort to help our children in their level of education, we will occasionally display various learning methods or some aids and prints. Our purpose is so much to enhance the help that teachers give to our children. They need their own way, their own time and their own method to learn.

We emphasize that it is not our job, nor do we play it experts or teachers. But we try to help our teachers and especially our children. If our child is learning to count, we can print out a table that lists the numbers up to 20, 50 or 100. Likewise, we would be happy to be helpful to teachers and provide any help.

Depending on the age and abilities of the child, it is equally important that they can write the numbers. For this reason, in addition, you can find prints that will help the child learn to write numbers

After all, every child has his own interests and his own stimuli and it is not good to put clichés and labels in learning. Of course, this does not mean that we as parents should be anxious and anxious for them to learn. However, we can give motivation for learning or some small tips to get acquainted with what they are learning.

A useful method of learning numbers is the tables with numbers. We created, for this purpose, our own prints with numbers. Moms should print what they like and put it in the child’s room in a prominent place or the teachers should print it and put it in the classroom. If you want more durability it would be useful to laminate them.

Here are the prints with the numbers up to 100. Select, download the corresponding file, print it and put it in a visible place in your child’s room. The child will see the numbers every day and will become familiar with them. Therefore it will be easier to learn to count even up to 100!



At this point check the board for counting from 101 to 200:


Kids may destroy the printable very easily at no time. I’m sure you know it… For this reason, it’s a brilliant idea to laminate the printable you prefer and make it last longer. You can do it without a laminator and be sure that you will have the solution you need!

We would like to inform you that will follow many more useful printables, as we aim to take part in our children’s education.

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