How to make marker-cases

In this difficult time that we are going through and we have to stay in our homes somehow we have to keep our kids busy. In my effort, I noticed the need to put his markers somewhere and thought of creating our own makeshift case for markers. So, I started looking for ideas that might be useful, so we could do some work together instead of buying new ones. So I want to show you what we made with my little creature to put his markers on.

One idea was to use a box of well-known coffee, yarn, canon paper, eyes, a bottle lid. You can see the result below…

The second one we tried to make was a marker case with cardboard box, toilet roll, colorful wrapping paper, craft glue and the result was like that…

Loved it and uses both constantly !!!

Needless to say you can let your child decorate as he or she wants their marker-cases! Give them the opportunity and let them create the marker-case of their choice.

It can be decorated with different materials. From stickers to his favorite heroes, to buttons, threads and whatever they want.

Give them the freedom they need and they will amaze you with their ideas and tastes!!! So get on with your child right away !!!

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2 comments on “How to make marker-cases

  1. Holly

    These are so dang cute!! My kids art supplies are a jumbled mess. I need to spend time on something like this. Thanks for sharing!

    1. admin Post author

      I’m glad i helped! Try them and your kids will love them! Be creative and give them any cartoon hero theme!


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