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5 Solutions not to throw away food

There are times when I get annoyed with myself when I clean my kitchen cabinets and find foods that are about to expire or have expired and I need to throw them away. Don’t tell me this hasn’t happened to you! The other day I wanted to make a dessert and when I was in…

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How to make your weekly meal plan

Every woman I have met always worries about what to cook for the day. If she has kids then that worry becomes huge! What for my kid to eat at breakfast? What’s for food to cook? What snack should I give my kids? Aren’t those questions something that stresses you too? The truth is that…

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Mediterranean diet

Nowadays there are increased rates of overweight people. These rates are increasing steadily. And if we even consider childhood obesity, then things are particularly worrying. The issue is not only the aesthetics, but health above all. It is not a coincidence that the rates of various obesity-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, type 2…

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