9 Basic writing exercises for preschoolers

2020-04-09 4 By admin

These days we have to be inside our houses and we are supposed to keep finding ways to spend useful time with our toddlers and kids. We try to find paintings, crafts, games and everything that will help us be creative for them. It’s the perfect opportunity to play with them, to make them happy to give them as many good memories as we can!

Though, it’s a very difficult period for everyone. One of the best ways to forget for a while our problems is to look deep in those eyes and give them plenty of that time. So, what would be better than give them the chance to make many crafts and paintings!

We shouldn’t forget that their little schools are closed. So there are more things that we have to show them. Lately I have seen many articles and many ideas for paintings, crafts and games. So, this time I decided to show you something a little bit different.

My idea is a 9 sheet worksheet to help them develop their writing skills. Those ages have to learn a lot of different things, but also our toddlers and preschoolers will take a big advantage of those exercises. If we can spend more time to show them how they could keep trying those exercises even when the worksheet is done, even in a totally white paper.

Making some lines, curves and circles to ourselves seems like something so simple, so given to us. For these children, however, such a thing is an achievement!

Print the whole worksheet, give them a pencil, help them. Their reward, besides their knowledge and skills, would be to paint the icons and probably some kind of sticker!!! They will feel very proud of them!!! They will be very happy!!!

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