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What i have learned during breastfeeding

I want to say BRAVO to those who managed to breastfeed, for as long as that was. BRAVO and to those who didn’t or didn’t choose it, because all that matters is to be with your baby, give your love and affection generously, listen to his needs and satisfy them as much as you can.…

By S.K. 2020-01-16 16

Family and the circle of life

Few days ago I had a chat with a friend of mine. For once more I realized how many women are dealing with family issues. Of course, most of them had and have issues with their in-laws. And I wonder … Is it a coincidence? How many aspects this issue has! We are born into…

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What does marriage mean to you?

What is marriage for you? Is this something that “must” be done? Is it your social honor? Restoration? The confirmation? Proof of love, devotion, and other feelings for each other? Does it finally matter to have a wedding? How do we feel? Do the covenants have the same power within us? The simple co-habitation? Everyone…

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